About us

DutchChannels is an international tech company specialised in streaming services with the greatest quality content for the smallest niche markets. On several different platforms, members can enjoy on-demand movies, series, and documentaries on their favourite devices without any interruptions. No commercials, no commitment, just quality content. Whenever and wherever.

Our story

Since the launch in 2016, we’ve continued to grow our portfolio with platforms such as New Faith Network, WithLove, and TheaterThuis – all created to serve the content their viewers crave. Through exclusive deals with world-class production companies combined with locally produced originals, we create a tailor made environment that serves niches, not masses. So, what does that mean? It means that romance-lovers find the perfect film in just one click at WithLove. That a Christian mother can let her son pick out a movie on New Faith Network without having to worry about what he might see. Or that someone who enjoys going to the theatre can also experience it from the comfort of their own home with TheaterThuis. It’s bringing the right content to the right audience.

And it’s not just the great content. Ever since the beginning, we’ve always prioritised great usability and design for all platforms. What our viewers take for granted – smooth streaming, smarts apps and high-quality content – comes together thanks to the top-notch techniques used by our fast-growing team of front and back-end developers and UX experts. To create a custom-made and user-friendly environment, those experts need to develop, implement, and manage the platforms themselves. They work constantly to think of innovative ideas, such as automation and personalisation, to fully optimise the user experience. Together with our talented team of performance marketeers, content specialists, and creatives, DutchChannels always strives for the very best – from concept to creation.

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