Inspiration, reflection, entertainment or just feelgood. Your choice!

Our platforms serve viewers with their own unique interests, with international films, series, documentaries and tv-shows. Thanks to our success we are able to create local productions in several countries. Started from the Netherlands, we are now also available in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Norway and Sweden. And again: we’ve only just begun.

New Faith Network offers you the best of international christian faith based films and series. At this no swearing, nudity and excessive violence, but lots of inspirational stories makes you think about the big and small questions in life.

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Are you ready to feel good? At WithLove you find international known movies and unknown pearls, series and for WithLove produced originals for who is into romantic, positive and happy content. The perfect channel for unlimited feelgood tv. www.withlove.tv

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Famous and upcoming artists happily support this first independent online video platform for cabaret and theatre shows. With weekly new content exclusively created for TheaterThuis. A perfect alternative now that theaters are restricted in their options. www.theaterthuis.nl

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The first online video streaming platform to offer interactive film lesson plans for all primary school in the Netherlands. Flixy works together with Blink Uitgevers for trusted in-school distribution and additional teaching materials.

The champions league of symphony orchestras. This global platform will partner with 25 of the world’s best classical music orchestras to offer high-quality live-streams enriched with in-depth interviews, small documentaries and podcasts.